Deedroom Imaging Application  
                  Powerful 21st Century Solutions, Powered by Stan-Lyn &


Deedroom Imaging Application  
                  Powerful 21st Century Solutions, Powered by Stan-Lyn...


Document Imaging & Management, for Deed & Records Rooms

 (update) This application is being rewritten in Microsoft's "Visual Studio 2008 .NET" and SQL Server 2005 as a browser based application...

The Deedroom Imaging application is a document imaging application that was created to help the county clerks securely protect their deed room and office records, which generally number into the hundreds of thousands.  And its Fast.....

It is used to protect, track, view, print, email, fax, & copy/paste Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Marriage records, Voter registrations, photographs, plat maps, war records, census records, bank checks and statements, contracts, Lis Pendens, newspapers, manuals, reference guides, notes, quotes, invoices, tax bills, and many more!  

Key Benefits:

  • Hi-Powered, Hi-Capacity Servers. (High powered SCSI raid servers...)
  • Large 21 Color Document Monitors. (Easy on your Eyes...)
  • Document Profiles Simplifies Entry. (Document Profiles are used to train the system...)
  • Modular Viewer Stations. (Add or Remove as needed for your needs...)
  • Modular Scan Stations. (Add or Remove as needed for your needs...) 
  • Modular OCR Stations. (Add or Remove as needed for your needs...)
  • Year 2000, (Y2K) Compliant. (Ready to take on the next century...) 
  • Stability & Performance Built-In. (We use technologies from industry leaders...)
  • Supports Full Color Photographs. (Does Full Color documents...)
  • Unauthorized Access Protection. (Certified C2 Government Security...)
  • Automatically Sets Up User Accounts. (User sets up their own account, using rates you set...)
  • Multiple Scanners Supported. (Use both a fast document scanner or color scanner...)
  • Fast Full Text or Keyword Searching. (Search documents containing any word or phrase...)
  • Audit Trail & Reports Built-In. (Management made easy with audit trail & reports...)
  • Automatic File & Folder Management. (Just like it says, file management is automatic...)
  • System is Protected from the Public. (All system functions are off-limits to the public...)
  • Supports Secret Documents. (Password protect any document...)
  • Income Generator with profitability reports built-In. (Includes an automatic billing system that tracts and invoices the users time on line, qty of copies, 
    qty of images and text files copied to floppy disk...)
  • Scan-N-Print prints a double-sided copy for your books as you scan and process the originals.  No more taking it to an expensive copier to create the pages for your books.
  • Full Barcoding Support,
  • Issue and print Marriage & other licenses on their perspective forms,
  • Cott Systems index importing,
  • Much, much more...



  • Full Server module resides on the computer where the data tables is stored.  All features are available with this module.   This module can scan, edit, delete, and ocr document pages. 
  •  Full Client module is similar to the Full Server module, except for certain maintenance routines.  This module can scan, edit, delete, and ocr document pages.  
  • Client Viewer module is used by the public to search, view, and print.